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The Foreign Notarial Legal Services Monopoly: Why Should We Care?
John Marshall L. Rev. (1998)
  • Pedro A. Malavet

This piece serves three purposes: (1) briefly to take issue with the current treatment of comparative scholarship, especially how it is ignored by main law reviews; (2) to be a succinct introduction to the Latin Notary; and (3) to point out that the adversarial ethic and notarial impartiality can co-exist and even complement one another. It presents the notary as an example of a non-adversarial ethic, in a system that has other professionals who are ruled by the adversarial ethic. It does not advocate the abandonment of the adversarial ethic, but, rather, argues that in certain legal situations a non-adversarial approach can work best.

  • Notarial Law,
  • Notaries,
  • Civil Law,
  • Comparative Law,
  • International Property Transactions,
  • Ethics
Publication Date
Spring 1998
Citation Information
Pedro A. Malavet. "The Foreign Notarial Legal Services Monopoly: Why Should We Care?" John Marshall L. Rev. Vol. 31 Iss. 3 (1998)
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