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How Does Educational Technology Benefit Humanity? Five Years of Evidence
Teacher Education
  • Pedro F. Hernández-Ramos, Santa Clara University
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International Forum of Educational Technology & Society
This article presents a review of the 25 finalists (Laureates) in the Education category of the Technology Benefiting Humanity Awards, which started in 2001. Most of the applicants can be considered social entrepreneurs working to improve educational systems and the learning opportunities and experiences of their intended beneficiaries. While the benefits to humanity derived from educational technology are often taken for granted, the work of these 25 Laureates, working in countries around the world, provides an opportunity to critically examine how such benefits are actually obtained. Based on this analytical review, suggestions for further research and development in educational technology are presented.
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Hernández-Ramos, P. (2006). How Does Educational Technology Benefit Humanity? Five Years of Evidence. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 9(4), 205-214.