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The Challenge of Prison Overcrowding and Recidivism
Criminal Justice Faculty Publications
  • Pearl Jacobs, Sacred Heart University
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Book Chapter
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The state of Connecticut is currently dealing with a growing prison population. Ex-offenders face enormous obstacle trying to reconnect with society and get a job. They have no skills and lack a family support system.Their lack of preparation for successful reintegration into society places them at risk to become repeat offenders. Overcrowding in prisons produces individuals unable to cope or survive in free society. Many of the recommendations of The Ex-Offender Employability Task Force of the State of Illinois relate to ex-offender employment and are worthy of consideration in employment programs in Connecticut. We will have a safer and more secure world if we can incorporate ex-offenders into society and show them that the law is designed to benefit and protect all of us.
Citation Information
Jacobs, Pearl. "The Challenge of Prison Overcrowding and Recidivism." Public Policy in Connecticut, Ed. by Gary L. Rose. Fairfield, CT: Sacred Heart University Press, 2005.