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The theory of totalitarian leadership
The Anthem companion to Hannah Arendt
  • William Peter BAEHR, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Book chapter
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Anthem Press

This chapter examines Arendt's theory of totalitarian leadership. It begins with her description of "the masses,'' proceeds to her account of Hitler and Stalin as rulers of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and concludes with a discussion of Arendt as a covert sociologist: a thinker who recurrently resorts to sociological explanations, despite her express opposition to sociology as a discipline. Throughout this chapter, Arendt's notion of leadership is contrasted with the Weberian idea of charismatic domination, an idea she thought absurd when applied to totalitarian conditions.

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ISBN of the source publication: 9781783081851
Citation Information
Baehr, P. (2017). The theory of totalitarian leadership. In P. Baehr & P. Walsh (Eds.), The Anthem companion to Hannah Arendt (pp. 221-248). London: Anthem Press.