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Electronic Perceived Service Quality: Results from a Cross-National Study in the Context of Mobile Internet Services
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (2011)
  • Pavlos A Vlachos
  • George Giaglis
  • Inseong Lee, Yonsei University
  • Adam Vrechopoulos

Work on how consumers evaluate electronic service quality is both topical and important due to the well-accepted criticality of electronic channels in selling products and services. However, most of the relevant research on electronic research quality is preoccupied with the website Internet context and most of the studies are singlecountry studies, inhibiting conclusions of generalizibility. Theoretically rooted in the Nordic Model of perceived service quality, this exploratory study uses an e-service quality scale to measure mobile Internet service quality in different national settings. Consistent with the available e-service quality literature, results indicate that e-service quality is a second-order factor, with three reflective first-order dimensions: efficiency, outcome, and customer care. Most important, cross-validation investigations using samples drawn from Korean, Hong Kong, and Japanese mobile Internet user populations, support the factorial structure invariance of the construct. Following Cheung and Reynolds’s (2002) suggestions, factor means differences between the three countries contributing to the scarce cross-national electronic service quality literature are tentatively examined. These initial empirical findings imply that although consumers in different countries use the same dimensions to evaluatemobile Internet services, importance weightings assigned on these dimension are probably notthe same.

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Pavlos A Vlachos, George Giaglis, Inseong Lee and Adam Vrechopoulos. "Electronic Perceived Service Quality: Results from a Cross-National Study in the Context of Mobile Internet Services" International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction Vol. 27 Iss. 3 (2011)
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