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Enhancement of Curie temperature in Mn2RuSn by Co substitution
Applied Physics (2015)
  • Austin Nelsen, South Dakota State University
  • Parashu Ram Kharel, South Dakota State University
  • Yung Huh, South Dakota State University
  • Ryan Fuglsby, South Dakota State University
  • Jacob Guenther, South Dakota State University
  • Wenyong Zhang, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Bradley Staten, University of Northern Iowa
  • Pavel Lukashev, University of Northern Iowa
  • Valloppilly Shah, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • David J. Sellmyer, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
The Co-substituted Mn2RuSn nanomaterials, namely, Mn2Ru0.5Co0.5Sn and Mn2Ru0.35Co0.65Sn have been synthesized and investigated. The presence of Co in the Mn2RuSn (a = 6.21 Å) decreased thelattice parameter, where a = 6.14 Å and 6.12 Å for the as prepared Mn2Ru0.5Co0.5Sn and Mn2Ru0.35Co0.65Sn, respectively. The samples show a ferrimagnetic spin order with relatively small coercivities, similar to those of soft magnetic materials. There is a substantial increase in the Curie temperature (Tc = 448 K for Mn2Ru0.5Co0.5Sn and 506 K for Mn2Ru0.35Co0.65Sn) of Mn2RuSn (Tc = 272.1 K) due to Co substitution, which is a result of strengthening of the positive exchange interaction in this material. These materials are highly stable against heat treatment of up to 450 °C. The first-principles calculations are consistent with our experimentally observed structural and magnetic properties. They also provide insight on how the magnetic and electronic structures change when Ru is replaced with Co in Mn2RuSn.
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Austin Nelsen, Parashu Ram Kharel, Yung Huh, Ryan Fuglsby, et al.. "Enhancement of Curie temperature in Mn2RuSn by Co substitution" Applied Physics Vol. 117 Iss. 15 (2015)
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