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Engineering Entrepreneurship from Idea to Business Plan
  • Paul Swamidass
Publication Date
August, 2016
Cambridge University Press
Publisher Statement
This is a book for engineers and scientists who have the aptitude and education to create new products that could become income-producing businesses for them as well as for investors. The book uses short chapters and tries to get directly to the point without lengthy, distracting, mind-numbing essays. There are numerous technology-based business plan contests with large monetary awards cropping up all over the United States and in faraway countries such as India and China. The rapid growth in business plan contests is a clear sign that there are many wealthy inventors looking for good technology-based businesses for investment. The book may be used by engineering students or engineers without a teacher. The key features of this book enable readers to sharpen their new idea, turn an idea into a commercial product, conduct patent search and complete a provisional patent application, collect requisite data and prepare a business model, and prepare a business plan. This book can be used in a college course with teams made of three or four students per team. Supporting materials are provided on the book's website (
ISBN-13: 978-1107651647
Citation Information
Swamidass, P.M. Engineering Entrepreneurship from Idea to Business Plan, Cambridge University Press, 2016