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About Paul D. B. Skrade

For my doctoral research with Dr. Stephen J. Dinsmore I continued our long term study of Mountain Plover breeding biology in Phillips County, MT. In the course of my M.S. research I raised several questions concerning the mating system of this species and its unusual behavior where males and females tend to separate nests. For my dissertation I focused on five decision-related subjects: 1) multi-state modeling of first breeding attempts, 2) nest site selection in relation to egg-crypticism and subsequent nest survival, and mate choice related to 3) circulating prolactin of incubating adults, 4) seasonal changes in egg volume, and 5) parentage and extra-pair paternity.
During the 2012–2013 school year I served as a fellow with Symbi, Iowa State University's GK12 program funded by the National Science Foundation. I taught 7th grade science in Mrs. Kissell's classroom in Brody Middle School.


Present Faculty Member, Iowa State University

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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
209 Science II Building
Ames, IA 50011


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