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About Paul J. Rich

President, Policy Studies Organization, Washington, D.C. President, Westphalia Press. Adjunct Professor, George Mason University. Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Hoover archive PJRich papers: Research/publications social capital, secret societies, freemasonryfraternalism, scholarly publishing, Middle East and Gulf, tertiary education, symbology and ritology, Memphis-Misraim, distance learning, defining policy studies.

President Policy Studies Organization, appoints editors thirty two journals and yearbooks published by PSO, including twelve by Wiley-Blackwell, and Sage, eds.teaching films. 2016 acquired World Affairs, oldest continuous (1837) journal of foreign studies. Other journals, editorial offices include Policy and Internet (University of Oxford), Review of Policy Research (Carleton University, Toronto), Digest of Middle East Studies (University of Wisconsin), Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy (University of Leiden), Policy Studies Journal (Arizona State), Politics & Policy (Universidad IberoAmericana, Mexico City), Latin American Policy (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico City), Asian Politics & Policy (Asian Center, University of the Philippines), World Medical and Health Policy (George Mason University), Poverty & Public Policy (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Proceedings of the PSO (PSO Headquarters, Washington DC), Criminology and Ritual Studies, both in Paris, Water Water Policy Lisbon, World Food Policy Bangkok, China Policy (Tecnological, Hong Kong), Complexity (University of North Carolina), Popular Culture (U.of Nevada). President Westphalia Press, 150 new titles each year. Appoints committees 8 yearly conferences, including Dupont Summit on science and technology, World Conference on Fraternalism, Middle East Dialogue.

The PSO publishes with Wiley Yearbook of Policy Studies (University of Oklahoma), book series on Public Policy, The Middle East and China (University of San Francisco), hosts Dupont Summit on Science & Technology Policy - annual December conference Washington DC at Whittemore House, Middle East Dialogue Whittemore House each March, workshop meetings of APSA and George Mason, sponsor with Oxford University's Internet Institute of Internet Policy world conferences at Oxford. Partners Biblio.Nationale Paris biennial conference on fraternalism.

Policy Studies Organization includes 3600 universities and institutions and individuals in 93 countries. Headquarters historic house Dupont Circle in Washington, home familiesPresident James Garfield and labor leader Samuel Gompers. Organizes conferences, seminars, publication of journals and books, increasing Internet presence. PSO offices have notable collection relating to its history and Dupont Circle area. Interns with PSO include from Cornell, Penn State, George Washington University, and Washington Center; PSO visiting professors are provided office space.

Life Governor, Harris College, University of Oxford. Oxford Preservation Trust (life). Past International President, Phi Beta Delta. Grand Chancellor, Phi Sigma Omega. Freeman by Redemption, City of London. Honourable Company of Freemen of the City of London of North America. Royal Economics Society. Royal Society of Literature. Royal Institute of Philosophy. Fellow, Royal Society of Public Health. Royal United Services Institution. Order of Lafayette, Collar. Societa Magica. History of Education Society, African American Intellectual History Society, Friends of Dard Hunter, American Society of Environmental History, American Council on Church History: Life. Association for the Study of Women and Mythology. Intenational Association for Comparative Mythology. Association for Fraternal Leaderhsip and Values. North American Vexillogical Associaiton.

Clubs in D.C.: National Press, Life Diplomatic and Consular, Army and Navy, W. National Democratic, Amer.News., Arts, University, Harvard, Stanford, Philosophical, Lincoln, Print, Rare Book. Washington Print Club. Life: National Capital Political Science Association, American Political Science Association. Democratic National Committee, 1979 -

Consultant Ministry Higher Education, Saudi Arabia, 1979-81; Faculty King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, 1979-81; Head of Supervisory Development, Emirate of Qatar, 1981-1993. Adviser, American Embassies, Oman and Qatar, Abu Dhabi Oil Company of Japan.; Certificate of Appreciation, U.S. Department of State, 1990; Research Fellow University Western Australia, Perth, 1990-93, Member Univ. Council, 1991-93. Government House, Childhood History, Battye and Westralian Foundations, Perth, life member. Professor International Relations, University of the Americas, Mexico, 1993-2008.

Kinsmen Scholar, Floyd Prize, Tonbridge School, England. JCChr., Dunster House, Harvard College. AB cum laude, EDM, Harvard. PhD, University of Western Australia. Harvard Mountaineering Club (life). Secy. Harvard Liberal Union.

Board National Intelligence Study Center, 1998-2003; Academy Council UN Systems, 1998-2001; Council European Studies, 2001-2002; Research Associate Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas, 1995—; Huntington lecturer and visiting professor Libr.Congress, 2000. Advisory Board, Roosevelt Institution, Hyde Park, 2006-. Berne Station Award. Royal Dublin Society.
Chair, Seymour Martin Lipset Library Committee, American Political Science Association; Wildawsky, Laswell Award Comms. United States Commission on Military History, 1996-2004.
Royal Photographic Society (life). Fellow: Royal Historical Society, Royal Society of Arts, Royal Society West Australia, Royal Numismatic Society, Royal Anthropological Institute, Royal Asiatic Society (Hong Kong), Royal Geog. Society. Scipio. Life: Fellow, Huguenot Society, London; Siam Society Under Royal Patronage (Bangkok). Royal Society of St. George. Thoreau Society. Fellow, Royal Institution, Royal Society of Antiquaries, Royal Asiatic Society, Royal Society of Asiatic Affairs. Royal Society for International Affairs (Chatham House). G.&S. Society, London.

Life: St. John's Lodge, Boston. Scottish Rite, Northern Jurisdiction: Lafayette Lodge of Perfection, Yates Council Princes of Jerusalem, Mount Olivet Rose Croix, Massachusetts Consistory. 33rd Degree, Scottish Rite, Supreme Council, Northern Mexico. Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. Capitular Rite. Cryptic Rite. Knight of the Mediterranean Pass. Knight Malta. Knight Templar. Order of the Eastern Star. Cameron Medal for Social Science Research. James Award for Research, Grand Lodge of Texas. Fellow, Grand Lodge of California. Jewels of the Craft Circle. Order of Kt.Masons (The Green Degrees). Life Brother, Southern California, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri Lodges of Research. Senior DeMolay. Life Fellow, Scottish Rite Research Society. Academic Committee, International Congress on History of Freemasonry, Grand Lodge Scotland, 2006-09. The Lord's Hill Column Group.

Life: Labyrinth Society, Missouri Lodge of Research, Scottish Castles Association. Life, Philateles, Phylaxis, Grand College of Rites. Knights of Pythias, National Grange (Potomac No.1), Loyal Orange Institution, Shrine. American Numismatic Society. Life: Bostonian Society, Pilgrim Society, New England Historic and Genealogical Society, Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, Sutton Hoo Society, Historic Naval Ships Association.

Unitarian: All Souls Unitarian Church, Washington. South Place (now Conway Hall) Ethical Society, London (life). Unitarian Historical Society, Britain (life).
American Library Association. Life: Bibliographical Society (London), Bibliographical Society (New York), British Museum Society. Shareholder Library Company of Philadelphia. Development Committee, Foreign Languages Group, Piayta Presei Libre,Romania.

Life: College Language Association, Oral H istory Associaiton,Society of Architectural Historians, Am. Numismatic Association, Am. Numismatic Society (New York), Am. Association for the Advancement of Science, Am. Hist. Association, Archeological Institute Am., The Company of Military Historians, National Council Geographic Education, Institute Advanced Philosophical Research, Philosophical Society Washington, Academy Political Science (New York), Am. Academy of Political and Social Science, Medieval Academy of Am., Naval Historical Fdn., Lincoln Group (Washington). A.M. Huntington Society (Washington). California Institute International Studies(vice president 1994—2000), Am. Culture Association (chair endowment committee 1999—2003), Chair, Endow. Comm., Southern Political Science Association, 2007 --2012. The Georgian Group (life). South American Explorers Club (Quito). Life: Lambeth Palace Library, Auch.Boswell Soc., Clan Mackenzie, Society of Civil War Historians, Gettysburg Association. Sons of Union Veterans. Assoc.Nepalese and Himalayan Studies. Urban League.

Life: Hosta Society, Cavanaugh Foundation, Society of Historians of American Foreign Affairs, Organization of American Historians, American Historical Association, South Place Ethical Society (London), Bermuda Historical Society, Am.Inst.History of Pharmacy. The London Society, The China Society (London), Fairbridge Drake Soc.(merged with Princes Trust), National Trust (Britain), Oxford Preservation Trust, Ecclesiological Society-Cambridge Camden Society, Geog. Society India, College of Preceptors, Congress of Americas. (President 1995—2006), Tangier Am. Legation Society, Sutton Ho Society (life), Stanford Faculty Club, Explorers Club Lima, Phi Sigma Alpha, Pi Lambda Theta, Delta Phi Epsilon. Investigador Nacional Nivel II, El Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, Mexico. R. Presidential Order of Merit (Star & Medal). Faculty Research Fellow, Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada, 1996. Collageist and ceramist, exhibits at Arts Club Washington (life m., American Art Pottery Association, Ephemera Society.)

Books Incl. Invasions of the Gulf, 3rd Ed., Lexington Press, 2009. Stanford Patriarchs, Authors Choice Press, New York, 2009. Elixir of Empire, Chains of Empire, Regency Press (London). Contributor: Freemasonry on Both Sides of the Atlantic, Columbia University Press, 2002. Benefits Bestowed, Manchester University Press, 1988. Secret Texts, ALM Press, New York, 1995. Education in Qatar, Doha, University of Qatar, 1983. Cyberspace, Dowling Press, Sydney, 1992. Editor, Allborough Press, Cambridge, Classics Series: Iraq & Imperialism, Soldier in Kurdistan, Voyage in the Gulf, Arab War Lords & Iraqi Star Gazers, Wartime in Baghdad. (See Whittakers).

Contributor encyc. articles incl. on prosopography, Roberto Calvi, Umberto Eco, Benedetto Croce, Arnold Toynbee, British Royal Family, Class in the UK, Education in Great Britain, Suez Crisis, Terrorism, Teilhard de Chardin, T.S.Eliot, William Golding, Europe & the Israeli/Palestinian Question, Gulf War & Europe.

Donor, endowments Claremont McKenna College student internships Washington, Phi Beta Delta anual lecture, APSA library. Midwest and Southern Political Science Assoc. for student conferences attendance, WNDC for Dupont Circle Cavanaugh sculpture garden. Eton College and Dartmouth Libraries. Essex Institute.

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