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The DIY artist: Issues of sustainability within local music scenes
Emerald (2010)
  • Paul G. Oliver, University of Bolton

The overall aim of this paper is to aid the DIY artist in moving towards sustainability through the use of new technologies, which will be achieved by defining DIY music culture, identifying the creative and business needs of an artist as well as establishing a model for artists to be self-sufficient. The research methodology consisted of a mixture of unstructured interviews, such as email, telephone and face-to-face. Fifteen interviews were conducted with DIY artists from local music scenes around the UK, in particular Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne and London. The research identifies areas of weakness within the process of a DIY artist’s creative project relating to the artistic and/or managerial process, which can be improved through the use of new technologies. This will be demonstrated in the form of the DIY Musicology Model.

  • DIY,
  • Sustainability,
  • DIY Artist,
  • New Technologies
Publication Date
Fall October, 2010
Citation Information
Paul G. Oliver. "The DIY artist: Issues of sustainability within local music scenes" Emerald Vol. 48 Iss. 9 (2010)
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