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Self-sufficiency and the DIY artist
  • Paul G. Oliver, University of Bolton

The overall aim of this book is to aid the DIY artist to move towards self-sufficiency through the use of new technologies, which is achieved by defining DIY music culture, identifying the creative and business needs of the DIY artist as well as establishing a model for DIY artists to be self-sufficient. The research methodology consists of a mixture of unstructured interviews, including email, telephone and face-to-face. Fifteen DIY artists were interviewed from local music scenes around the UK, in particular Newcastle upon Tyne, Manchester and London. The research identifies areas of weakness within the processes of a DIY artist’s creative project relating to the artistic and/or managerial process, which can be improved through the use of new technologies. This is demonstrated in the form of the DIY musicology model.

  • DIY,
  • Self-sufficiency,
  • DIY Artist,
  • New Technologies,
  • Local Music Scenes
Publication Date
Summer August 26, 2009
VDM Verlag Dr. Müller AG & Co. KG
Citation Information
Paul G. Oliver. Self-sufficiency and the DIY artist. 1stSaarbrücken(2009)
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