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About Paulo Barrozo

Paulo Barrozo is a theorist whose work has offered new understandings of rights, punishment, cruelty, structural mercy, the political, and the origins and nature of modern law and institutions. His current work focuses on sovereignty and reason, constructive formalism, reflective evolution and futurism, normative imagination, and the transformation of legal education. Barrozo received an S.J.D. from Harvard Law School and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Rio de Janeiro University Research Institute. Before joining Boston College Law School, he was a Lecturer in social thought at Harvard University, where he was the first recipient of the Stanley Hoffman Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Barrozo is an active advocate for the rights of the neurodiverse and the unparented.


Present Associate Professor, Boston College Law School

Research Interests

Honors and Awards

  • Clark Byse Fellowship
  • Landon H. Gammon Fellowship
  • Graduate Fellowship in Jurisprudence
  • Harvard University's Derek Bok Center awards for Excellence in Teaching
  • The Stanley Hoffman Prize for Excellence in Teaching


  • Fall 2016: International Law, Universal History of Legal Thought 1
  • Spring 2017: No courses taught

Contact Information

Paulo Barrozo
Associate Professor
Boston College Law School
885 Centre Street
Newton Center, MA 02459
Office Location:
East Wing 423

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