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From just in case to just in time – just maybe not
  • Paulina Borrego
  • Kate Zdepski
How we cancelled a large chemistry journal package, involved faculty in the decision making process, and one year later look back to find some issues we did not anticipate.

In 2016, faced with an unsustainable 24% price increase over three years, the University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries cancelled a large chemistry journal package. The Libraries ending up subscribing to a few individual titles with input from faculty and moved to a “just in time” model for the
remainder of the package content relying heavily upon interlibrary loan services. One year out we look
back upon the cancellation project, how we got here, review usage and interlibrary loan statistics,
calculate cost savings, and find some interesting trends we did not expect concerning faculty requesting

Poster presented at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Boston August 2018.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry,
  • Journal Package,
  • Cancellation,
  • RSC
Publication Date
Summer August 19, 2018
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Paulina Borrego and Kate Zdepski. "From just in case to just in time – just maybe not" (2018)
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