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About Dr. Paul Harrigan

My research expertise lies in technology-enabled marketing, particularly relationship marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and entrepreneurial or small business marketing. I am also interested in marketing education research.
A major current research project investigates the impact of social media on CRM in both large and small organizations. I have employed a full-time research assistant to assist with this project, which will form the basis of my research publications over the coming few years. This project comprises heavy industrial engagement where I am seeking to ‘impact’ on the business community.
My research network spans the UK, France, Netherlands, USA, Hong Kong and Canada. I am an active member of the UK Academy of Marketing's Entrepreneurial Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG). I am also paper track chair for the Academy of Marketing Conference in 2012.
From educational and administrative perspectives, I teach marketing at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and have been heavily involved in re-vamping the curriculum in Southampton and in the creation and publication of the ‘new Marketing DNA’, a new model for marketing education, research and practice. I designed, launched and am Course Director for the new BSc International Marketing degree. I am also a keen user of digital technologies in marketing education.


Present Associate Professor of Marketing, UWA Business School, University of Western Australia, University of Western Australia
Present Visiting Lecturer in Marketing, University of Southampton

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