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Effects of Alcohol and Expectancy Upon Episodic Memory in Individuals Reporting Alcoholic Blackouts
Experimental and Clinical Pyshcopharmacology
  • W. R Miller
  • Paula T Hertel, Trinity University
  • C. Saucedo
  • R. K Hester
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In a within-subject placebo design, 10 heavy drinkers reporting alcoholic blackouts showed significant decrements in episodic memory when receiving alcohol but not on days when a placebo was given. Parallel deficits were observed on recall and recognition measures. On placebo days, self-ratings of intoxication were related to the degree of observed performance decrement. Memory deficits appear to be primarily pharmacologic rather than expectancy effects of drinking.

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American Psychological Association
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Miller, W.R., Hertel, P., Saucedo, C., & Hester, R.K. (1994). Effects of alcohol and expectancy upon episodic memory in individuals reporting alcoholic blackouts. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2(2), 161-166. doi: 10.1037/1064-1297.2.2.161