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Monitoring External Memory
Practical Aspects of Memory: Current Research and Issues
  • Paula T Hertel, Trinity University
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Contribution to Book
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The proposal that guides this research is that organizational structures of external memories, like those of internal memories, play an important role in monitoring knowledge. Previous evidence for such a relation was obtained in a laboratory experiment. Here, I report the results of a survey of faculty at Trinity University. They judged their confidence in knowledge related to their research and described their external memories (office files and bookshelves). The more confident among them had read and stored more information; they also maintained the more organized offices. In multiple-regression analyses, organization was the best predictor of confidence.

Michael M. Gruneberg, Peter E. Morris, & R. N. Sykes
Citation Information
Hertel, P. T. (1988). Monitoring external memory. In M. M. Gruneberg, P. E. Morris, & R. N. Sykes (Eds.), Practical aspects of memory: Current research and issues (pp. 221-226). Wiley.