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Cognitive Interdependence in Close Relationships
Compatible and Incompatible Relationships
  • Daniel M Wegner, Trinity University
  • T. Giuliano
  • Paula T Hertel, Trinity University
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Contribution to Book
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This chapter is concerned with the thinking processes of the intimate dyad. So, although we will focus from time to time on the thinking processes of the individual-as they influence and are influenced by the relationship with another person-our prime interest is in thinking as it occurs at the dyadic level. This may be dangerous territory for inquiry. After all, this topic resembles one that has, for many years now, represented something of a "black hole" in the social sciences-the study of the group mind. For good reasons, the early practice of drawing an analogy between the mind of the individual and the cognitive operations of the group has long been avoided, and references to the group mind in contemporary literature have dwindled to a smattering of wisecracks.

William John Ickes
9780387960241, 9781461295389
Citation Information
Wegner, D. M., Guiliano, T., & Hertel, P. T. (1985). Cognitive interdependence in close relationships. In W. J. Ickes (Ed.), Compatible and incompatible relationships (pp. 253-276). Springer-Verlag.