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About Paula Diehr

Paula Diehr is emeritus professor of Biostatistics and Health Services at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Diehr has worked primarily in health services research. She is best known for her early work in statistical diagnosis of headaches, community-acquired pneumonia and ankle fracture, small-area variation analysis, health insurance and use and cost of services, and community randomized trials for health promotion. She is currently working on issues surrounding aging, such as obesity, exercise, diet, years of healthy life, and accounting for death in longitudinal studies. Her statistical methodology interests include methods for the reliability of instruments, medical costs, small-area variation, grouped randomized trials, the paired t-test for small numbers of pairs, cohort versus cross-sectional designs, longitudinal data where many people die, and multi-state life tables. Her method to estimate the number of good years an older adult will have is at


Present Faculty Member, University of Washington

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