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Making BAC Libraries from Algae, Non-seed and Seed Plants: Fundamental Public Resources for Plant Science Toward Resolution of the Fuzzy Nodes in Green Plant Phylogeny
Plant and Animal Genome Conference XI San Diego, CA
  • D. Mandoli
  • R. Olmstead
  • B. Mishler
  • J. L. Boore
  • A. R. Smith
  • K. Renzaglia
  • Paul G. Wolf, Utah State University
  • M. J. Donaghue
  • C. O'Kelley
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Mandoli, D., Olmstead, R., Mishler, B., Boore, J. L., Smith, A. R., Renzaglia, K, Wolf, P. G., Donoghue, M. J., O'Kelley, C. 2003. Making BAC libraries from algae, non-seed and seed plants: fundamental public resources for plant science Toward resolution of the fuzzy nodes in green plant phylogeny.