Emeritus Professor in Criminology 

OAM (Order of Australia Medal) 

BA Hons(Canterbury) MA Hons(Canterbury) PhD(Qld) 

Paul Wilson is currently a consultant to a private security organisation, was a regular
columnist for the Courier-Mail for 6 years and is a media commentator on crime and social
issues. He has delivered a number of keynote addresses at major conferences in Australia
and overseas and consulted on crime and forensic matters in legal cases. 

In 2003 he was awarded the Medal of The order of Australia for Services to Education
particularly as a writer and lecturer in the field of criminology. 

His research and teaching interests include forensic psychology, crime prevention,
profiling of offenders, miscarriage of justice and private policing and security. He was
also recently elected an Associate Fellow of the centre for criminology, at the
University of Hong Kong. Professor Wilson has been involved in many film, documentary and
mass media projects relating to his research areas. 



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This article is written from the perspective of a forensic psychologist and criminologist who observed...


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When the "whole truth" of a matter is not sought, miscarriages of justice occur. When...


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Though most current politicians would never acknowledge it, criminological research points to the...



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What is evident from the numerous studies that have emerged in the field of CCTV...



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The people of Iraq —men, women and children—have experienced considerable pain and suffering over the...


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Who really killed Leanne Holland? Graham Stafford spent the prime of his life behind bars...


Book Chapters

Terrorism in Australia: Past, present and future, Crime over time: Temporal perspectives on crime and punishment in Australia (2010)

Extract: Terrorism was largely unknown in Australia up until the late 1900s and certainly there...


Why psychopaths like Dexter aren't really all that bad, The Psychology of Dexter (2010)

Psychopathic serial killers are ruthless executioners who stalk their prey and dispatch them, often by...


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Forensic Psychology and Criminology is an important original work that recognises the close relationship between...


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Non-admitted patient study country South Australia, volume 2. This paper outlines a pilot project to...