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Finding God in a Tangled World: Thoughts & Parables
  • Juris Rubenis
  • Maris Subacs
  • Paul Valliere, Butler University
This unusual little book is a translated masterpiece of wisdom - the result of a unique conversation about faith between a Protestant pastor and a Roman Catholic artist in the heart of post-communist Europe. Juris Rubenis and Maris Subacs know very well that their country is inconspicuous on the global scene. But they also know that the spiritual world is one of reverse perspective, where a small people can be gifted with a big faith and a narrow gate can open onto a vast and wonderful domain.
Rubenis' pithy observations about the world are brief and deceptively simple stories that speak directly to the anxiety in our world today. At times, they evoke the Desert Fathers, at other times, Blaise Pascal or Simone Weil. With modesty and good humor, pastor and artist have borne witness to the mystery of Eden, the mystery of the kingdom of God. It is a book for new Christians, old Christians, and people who just wonder about God.
Juris Rubenis achieved prominence in 1986 when he took a leading role in Helsinki-86, the first above-ground human rights organization in Soviet Latvia. He is the pastor of Martin Luther Church in Riga, Latvia, one of the most dynamic Christian congregations in Europe. Maris Subacs is a well-known graphic artist in Riga, Latvia. Together with Rubenis he has produced a dozen books of thoughts and parables, winning a wide following among Latvians of all faiths.
Translated from the Latvian by Paul Valliere.
Publication Date
Paraclete Press
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Juris Rubenis, Maris Subacs and Paul Valliere. Finding God in a Tangled World: Thoughts & Parables. Brewster, Mass.(2007)
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