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Modern Russian Theology: Bukharev, Soloviev, Bulgakov
  • Paul Valliere, Butler University
The Russian school of modern Orthodox theology has made an immense but undervalued contribution to Christian thought. This groundbreaking study introduces the Russian school through the life and thought of three of its greatest thinkers, each representing a generation—Aleksandr Bukharev (1824–1871), Vladimir Soloviev (1853–1901), and Father Sergii Bulgakov (1871–1944).
Author Paul Valliere provides biographical sketches and historical background on these Russian-school thinkers. The primary concern of the book, however, is with the thought of each theologian. Working almost exclusively from Russian language primary sources, Valliere explores the many creative ideas devised or adapted by the Russian school, such as the humanity of God, kenotic christology, sophiology, panhumanity, free theocracy, church-and-world dogmatics, and prophetic ecumenism. Offering the first account in English of Bukharev’s thought and the most complete analysis of Bulgakov’s dogmatic theology, this volume is the best study of Russian theology now available.
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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
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Paul Valliere. Modern Russian Theology: Bukharev, Soloviev, Bulgakov. Grand Rapids, Mich.(2000)
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