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An Ecology Problem Book
Biology Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Marc Mangel, University of California - Santa Cruz
  • Paul Switzer, Eastern Illinois University
  • Sarah M. Eppley, Portland State University
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Technical Report
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  • Ecology -- Study and teaching,
  • Ecology -- Handbooks
This problem book has many objectives: To get you to think about the course each night: do not wait until the last minute to begin working on the problems. To get you to deal with data. Statistics courses that you take in the future will be more meaningful once you understand the kinds of data that arise in ecological studies. To get you to be more comfortable with theoretical and quantitative methods. Not every ecologist uses those methods, but one should not be put off by them. To familiarize you with material as it appears in the professional literature.
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Mangel, M., Switzer, P. and S. Eppley. 1998. An Ecological Problem Book. Fifth Edition.