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Forestry Camp at the Crossroads: Future Scenarios for Environmental Learning at an Historic University Site
Wildland Resources Faculty Publications
  • D. Transtrum
  • G. Nelson
  • S. McArthur
  • D. Trauntvein
  • E. Andrus
  • A. Chadwick
  • D. Frazier
  • S. Hunt
  • K. Mitchell
  • C. Wirick
  • Paul C. Rogers, Utah State University
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PC Rogers
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Transtrum, D.; Nelson,G.; McArthur, S.; Trauntvein, D.; Andrus, E.; Chadwick, A.; Frazier, D.; Hunt, S.; Mitchell, K.; Wirick, C.; Allen, J.; Jensen, J.; Smith, J.; Purser-Thompson, K.; Walker Workman, A.; Giles, P.; Loertscher, A.; Nez, J.; Oldham, N.; Rogers, P.C. 2009. Forestry Camp at the Crossroads: Future scenarios for environmental learning at an historic university site. P.C. Rogers (ed.). Report for the Department of Environment and Society, Utah State University. 74 p.