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The Political Leadership of Xi Jinping: Narratives of Integrity Through Ordeal
Journal of Contemporary China (2023)
  • Paul W Nesbitt-Larking
  • Dr Alfred L Chan, Huron University College, Canada
Despite criticism that his leadership has been authoritarian and his regime tyrannical, President Xi Jinping has experienced continued success, influence, and widespread support among the Chinese people. This article investigates the ways in which Xi has successfully integrated his personal narrative, an account of personal integrity through ordeal, into the broader metanarratives of Chinese political development. Theoretically grounded in the Social Identity approach, Narrative Analysis, and theories of hegemony, the article specifies how Xi’s prototypical leadership, articulated through his personal narrative, has successfully linked Xi’s policy preferences with Chinese public policy and public opinion. These linkages are examined across five major policy focuses: The China Dream—From Poverty to Prosperity; Economic Equality; Socialist Values and the Role of the CCP; Democracy with Chinese Characteristics; Disciplining the Party-State, Anti-corruption, and the Rule of Law.
  • Xi Jinping,
  • Narrative Analysis,
  • Social Identity,
  • Hegemony,
  • China,
  • Public Opinion
Publication Date
Winter February 28, 2023
Citation Information
Paul W Nesbitt-Larking and Alfred L Chan. "The Political Leadership of Xi Jinping: Narratives of Integrity Through Ordeal" Journal of Contemporary China (2023)
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