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About Paul E. Kilgore

The overarching vision of our research program is the reduction of disease burden associated with bacterial and viral infections among infants, children and adults. Our research program focuses on the study of infections using innovative, trans-disciplinary research methods that enable improved vaccine uptake, safer use of vaccines, more rapid disease diagnosis and more accurate ascertainment of the disease burden due to specific infectious pathogens. Our research integrates the application of tools across a wide range of disciplines in order to accurately describe disease burden by age, race/ethnicity, geography and environment. We conduct our research in close cooperation with community partners, non-governmental stakeholders, faith-based organizations, public health experts, and other technical experts with the goal of supporting the development of health programs and policies that improve individual patient outcomes and safety as well as reduce health disparities in the general population. Based on empiric research findings, we conduct rigorously-designed, evidence-based evaluation of interventions to achieve sustainable health gains particularly among underserved populations. We particularly focus our research in communities and patients of Detroit with a view and reach that is global.


Present Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Wayne State University
Present Director of Research, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Wayne State University

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  • Vaccines in Clinical and Public Health Practice


August 1987 - June 1991 M.D., Wayne State Univers

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