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A Prairie’s Not Scary
Zea E-Books
  • Paul A. Johnsgard, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Twenty poems and 23 drawings illustrate the integrated habitat and denizens of the North American prairies: mammals, birds, insects, and plants. Probably only 1-3 percent of Nebraska’s original tallgrass prairie still exits. There are very few remaining tallgrass prairies in Nebraska as large as Spring Creek Prairie. They represent important repositories for our natural heritage of native plants and animals. It is not uncommon for tallgrass prairies to have 250-300 species of plants present and several hundred species of insects. Dedicated to our children, who will eventually replace us and have to decide if our remaining prairies are to be preserved.
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Zea E-Books
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Paul A. Johnsgard. "A Prairie’s Not Scary" Lincoln, Nebraska(2012)
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