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Birds of the Great Plains: Family Anatidae (Swans, Geese, and Ducks)
Birds of the Great Plains (Revised edition 2009) by Paul Johnsgard
  • Paul A. Johnsgard, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Date of this Version
Published in Birds of the Great Plains: Breeding Species and Their Distribution, New Expanded Edition, by Paul A. Johnsgard (UNL-Lincoln Libraries, 2009). Copyright © 1979, 2009 Paul A. Johnsgard.
Trumpeter Swan Canada Goose Fulvous Whistling Duck (Fulvous Tree Duck) Common Mallard Mottled Mallard (Mottled Duck) Black Duck (American Black Duck) Gadwall Northern Pintail (Common Pintail) Green-winged Teal Blue-winged Teal Cinnamon Teal American Wigeon (Baldpate) Northern Shoveler Wood Duck Redhead Ring-necked Duck Canvasback Lesser Scaup Common Goldeneye Bufflehead White-winged Scoter Ruddy Duck Hooded Merganser Common Merganser
Citation Information
Paul A. Johnsgard. "Birds of the Great Plains: Family Anatidae (Swans, Geese, and Ducks)" (2009)
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