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Wetland Birds of the Central Plains: South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas
Zea E-Books
  • Paul A. Johnsgard, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
This 100,000-word monograph summarizes the distribution, abundance and breeding biology of the 183 species of wetland-adapted birds reliably reported from South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas through 2011. These include 91 species known to breed or have historically bred in the region, 51 species that migrate through the region but are not yet known to breed or have bred there, and 41 species that are extremely rare, probably extinct, or for which evidence as to their current occurrence is questionable. Brief summaries of the breeding biology of all the regionally nesting species are provided, and information for all species is summarized as to seasonal migrations, habitats, and (in most cases) population status. There is an introductory account of the topography, climate and vegetation of the region insofar as these environmental factors influence wetland birds, six regional maps, and more than 500 references.
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Zea E-Books
  • waterfowl,
  • shorebirds,
  • wildlife,
  • breeding birds,
  • ornithology,
  • migration,
  • habitat
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Paul A. Johnsgard. "Wetland Birds of the Central Plains: South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas" Lincoln, Nebraska(2012)
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