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Transport Critical Current and Magnetization Measurements of Melt-Processed YBa2Cu3O7-X
Journal of Applied Physics
  • A. H. Hermann
  • Z. Z. Sheng
  • W. Kiehl
  • D. Marsh
  • A. Elali
  • Paul D. Hambourger, Cleveland State University
  • C. Almasan
  • J. Estrada
  • T. Datta, University of South Carolina - Columbia
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We report magnetic field dependence of the transport critical current and dc magnetic susceptibility measurements on YBa2Cu3O7−x superconductors formed by melt-solid reactions at 950 °C between Ba-Cu-O (or Tb-Ba-Cu-O) and solid nonstoichiometric Y-Ba-Cu-oxide. Four-probe dc critical current measurements at 77, 64, and 4.2 K show strong depression of the critical current density with increasing magnetic field in agreement with a model of weakly linked superconducting regions. Diamagnetic shielding and Meissner flux expulsion measurements in the temperature range 10–300 K show about one third volume fraction of perfect superconductivity. Both shielding and flux expulsion were observed to be approximately temperature independent below 60 K indicating strong coupling between the grains throughout the entire volume below this temperature.

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Hermann, A. H. , Z. Z. Sheng, W. Kiehl, D. Marsh, A. Elali, Paul D. Hambourger, C. Almasan, J. Estrada, and T. Datta. "Transport Critical Current and Magnetization Measurements of Melt-Processed YBa2Cu3O7-X." Journal of Applied Physics 64 (1988): 5050-5055.