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Rječnik stvaranja iz Postanka 1-3 u Petoknjižju i u drugim antičkim zapisima o stvaranju
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  • Paul Z. Gregor, Andrews University
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Biblical creation account differs significantly from non-biblical accounts in respect to its philosophical and theological aspects. Nevertheless, it seems that the author of the biblical account follows a similar structural pattern in respect to providing answers to how and why everything was created, thus providing the evidence for the unity of Gen 1-3. However, unlike its counterparts, the author of the biblical account depicts God and His purpose for creation in an entirely different light. In addition to perfect order in His creating acts, it is obvious that human beings were given a different role and function. As seen above God intended that the fi rst humans were to responsibly rule over the entire creation having in mind that they were accountable for their actions to the Creator. With this understanding, they accepted their royal role of protecting and preserving the Garden of Eden by rendering service to the entire creation. Furthermore, they received the gift of the Sabbath which provides a covanental rest as a perpetual sign of Creator’s authority and ownership as Suzerain King.


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Biblijski Pogledi
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Paul Z. Gregor. "Rječnik stvaranja iz Postanka 1-3 u Petoknjižju i u drugim antičkim zapisima o stvaranju" Vol. 20 Iss. 1-2 (2012) p. 23 - 40
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