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Vertebroplasty versus conservative treatment for vertebral fractures
The Lancet (2010)
  • Rachelle Buchbinder, Monash University
  • David Kallmes
  • Paul Glasziou, Bond University

Although Caroline Klazen and colleagues acknowledge that the main drawback of their open-label trial of vertebroplasty (Vertos II; Sept 25, p 1085)¹ was the lack of blinding, they do not mention that this is likely to overestimate the true benefit of vertebroplasty. Lack of blinding results in an average over estimate of relative treatment benefit of about 25%², which could explain these results.

  • vertobroplasty,
  • versus,
  • conservative,
  • treatment,
  • vertebral,
  • fractures
Publication Date
December 18, 2010
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Interim status: Citation only.

Buchbinder, R., Kallmes, D., & Glasziou, P. (2010). Vertebroplasty versus conservative treatment for vertebral fractures. [Correspondence]. The Lancet, 376(9758), 2070-2071.

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Rachelle Buchbinder, David Kallmes and Paul Glasziou. "Vertebroplasty versus conservative treatment for vertebral fractures" The Lancet Vol. 376 Iss. 9758 (2010)
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