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Unpublished Paper
Free Will and Agency: A Scoping Review and Map
  • Paul Fehrmann, Kent State University - Kent Campus
Systematic reviews (SR) are important in the health and social sciences, and could have value for theoretical and philosophical psychology (TPP). Three objectives are addressed in this paper: 1. To identify a SR framework for topics in TPP. 2. To assess current SR methods use in the TPP literature. 3. Scoping is a type of SR, and a third objective is to explore using scoping SR on this broad topic: how is the topic of “free will and agency” addressed in the TPP literature? Corresponding to the three objectives, these methods were used: 1. Major systematic review guidelines and recent papers describing the use of SR methods for “argument-based” bioethics were consulted. 2. A random sample of 90 TPP papers was assessed in 2014. A new set of 10 pdf-accessible papers were also recently assessed. The assessment looked at this core component of SR: reports of literature searching. 3. As a case study, a first stage scoping literature search used a targeted a set of TPP journals. Results: 1. A SR framework was identified in the “argument based” literature in bioethics that might serve for topics in TPP. 2. Examination of a targeted set of TPP literature shows minimal use of a core part of SR (literature search reporting). 3. An initial limited "map" of the "free will and agency" topic created. Key conclusion: Systematic review methods should be explored for TPP.
  • Literature Reviews,
  • philosophy,
  • philosophical psychology,
  • theoretical psychology
Publication Date
Summer August 6, 2015
Citation Information
Paul Fehrmann. "Free Will and Agency: A Scoping Review and Map" (2015)
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