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Integrating Avian Radar into the Aviation Operating Environment
2009 Bird Strike North America Conference
  • Richard Sowden, Avian Aviation Consultants; Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Paul Eschenfelder, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University/Avion Corp.
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11th Joint meeting of Bird Strike Committee USA & Canada, Victoria BC, Canada 14-17 September 2009
Avian radar technology has matured to the point where robust data and analysis tools are now able to provide the aviation industry with high quality information to support bird strike risk mitigation activities. The aviation operating environment is dynamic and challenging with complex interactions between the primary bird strike risk mitigation stakeholders; airport operators, air traffic service providers and flight crews. The transfer of this proof of concept technology into a suite of tools that is integrated into the aviation industry requires the engagement and support of the user community in the next critical evolutionary step of this emerging technology. This paper examines the current and near-term future capabilities of avian radar technology and develops the fundamental framework for the practical, strategic and tactical use of the information to maximize strike risk mitigation while ensuring that overall flight safety is maintained or enhanced.
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Richard Sowden and Paul Eschenfelder. "Integrating Avian Radar into the Aviation Operating Environment" (2009)
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