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Birdstrikes, or the aviation wildlife problem, are predictable, repeatable and solve able.
Unfortunately the focus for too long has been strictly on wildlife biology and not on safety management. This type of research and application has not produced the desired results. The failure is principally due to lack of a comprehensive, intergrated view of the problem, e.g., lack of involvement of all stakeholders, no comprehensive plan, no recommendations for avoiding birdstrikes beyond the airport fence, etc.
In addressing this problem there is a lack of understanding by most scientific researchers of aviation in general and aviation's specific role in the "aviation wildlife hazard". Much research examines the biology component of the problem but too many researchers fail to understand the aviation side. There is little effort to integrate aviation or safety management into the biological research or recommendations.
These papers may help close that gap. As a hazard to aviation birdstrikes are no more complex than other natural hazards such as wind shear, icing, volcanic ash, that aviation successfully mitigates every day.


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