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Toward Improved Film Cooling Prediction
Journal of Turbomachinery (2002)
  • G. Medic, Stanford University
  • Paul A. Durbin, Iowa State University

Computations of flow and heat transfer for a film-cooled high pressure gas turbine rotor blade geometry are presented with an assessment of several turbulence models. Details of flow and temperature field predictions in the vicinity of cooling holes are examined. It is demonstrated that good predictions can be obtained when spurious turbulence energy production by the turbulence model is prevented.

  • calculations,
  • cooling,
  • geometry,
  • heat transfer,
  • turbomachine blades,
  • turbulence models,
  • gas turbines,
  • film cooling,
  • flow field
Publication Date
April, 2002
Citation Information
G. Medic and Paul A. Durbin. "Toward Improved Film Cooling Prediction" Journal of Turbomachinery Vol. 124 Iss. 2 (2002)
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