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Toward Improved Prediction of Heat Transfer on Turbine Blades
Journal of Turbomachinery (2002)
  • G. Medic, Stanford University
  • Paul A. Durbin, Stanford University

Reynolds averaged computations of turbulent flow in a transonic turbine passage are presented to illustrate a manner in which widely used turbulence models sometimes provide poor heat transfer predictions. It is shown that simple, physically and mathematically based constraints can substantially improve those predictions.

  • heat transfer,
  • Reynolds number,
  • turbomachine blades,
  • turbulent flow,
  • turbulence models,
  • turbomachinery,
  • heat transfer,
  • prediction,
  • turbine
Publication Date
April, 2002
Citation Information
G. Medic and Paul A. Durbin. "Toward Improved Prediction of Heat Transfer on Turbine Blades" Journal of Turbomachinery Vol. 124 Iss. 2 (2002)
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