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On the equilibrium states predicted by second moment models in rotating, stably stratified homogeneous shear flow
Physics of Fluids (2004)
  • Minsuk Ji, Stanford University
  • Paul A. Durbin, Stanford University

The structural equilibrium behavior of the general linear second-moment closure model in a stably stratified, spanwise rotating homogeneous shear flow is considered with the aid of bifurcation analysis. A closed form equilibrium solution for the anisotropy tensor aij, dispersion tensor Kij, dimensionless scalar variance q2/k (S/Sθ)2, and the ratio of mean to turbulent time scale ε/Sk is found. The variable of particular interest to bifurcation analysis, ε/Sk is shown as a function of the parameters characterizing the body forces: Ω/S (the ratio of the rotation rate to the mean shear rate) for rotation and Rig (the gradient Richardson number) for buoyancy; it determines the bifurcation surface in the ε/Sk-Ω/S-Ri g space. It is shown, with the use of the closed form solution, that the Isotropization of Production model does not have a real and stable equilibrium solution when rotational and buoyant forces of certain magnitudes are simultaneously imposed on the flow. When this occurs, time integration of the turbulence model results in a diverging solution. A new set of scalar model coefficients that is consistent with experimental data, predicts turbulence decay past the critical gradient Richardson number Ricrg=0.25, and ensures the existence of stable, real solutions for all combinations of rotation and buoyancy is proposed.

  • anisotropy,
  • bifurcation (mathematics,
  • buoyancy,
  • mathematical models,
  • parameter estimation,
  • tensors,
  • bifurcation analyses,
  • closure models,
  • spanwise rotation,
  • shear flow,
  • equilibrium,
  • fluid dynamics,
  • rotating flow,
  • stratified flow
Publication Date
October, 2004
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Minsuk Ji and Paul A. Durbin. "On the equilibrium states predicted by second moment models in rotating, stably stratified homogeneous shear flow" Physics of Fluids Vol. 16 Iss. 10 (2004)
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