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Deleuze, Cinema, Bergson
Social Semiotics (1998)
  • Paul Douglass, San Jose State University
In the Cinema books, Deleuze integrated his ‘counter‐history’ of philosophy and arrived at a philosophy of art. For him, the artist is a ‘creator of truth’ because truth is not to be achieved, formed, or reproduced; it has to be created’ (Cinema 2 1985: 146). Stressing the pre‐eminent importance of the ‘creation of the New’, Deleuze calls on us to reread and rethink with him the works of Bergson, whom he views as indispensable to the ‘pure semiotics’ of cinema.
  • Deleuze,
  • Cinema,
  • Bergson
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Paul Douglass. "Deleuze, Cinema, Bergson" Social Semiotics Vol. 8 Iss. 1 (1998)
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