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What Lord Byron Learned from Lady Caroline Lamb
European Romantic Review (2005)
  • Paul Douglass, San Jose State University
Lady Caroline Lamb fictionalized the Byronic persona in Glenarvon (1816) and gave voice to the female characters that remain largely silent in Byron’s early work. Byron responded to her mimicry and to the female perspective of Glenarvon by creating a feminized hero and strong speaking roles for women in Don Juan, though his stated purpose was to undermine, not uphold, feminine power.
  • Lord Byron,
  • Lady Caroline Lamb
Publication Date
July, 2005
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This is an Author's Original Manuscript of an article submitted for consideration in the European Romantic Review [copyright Taylor & Francis]; European Romantic Review is available online at
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Paul Douglass. "What Lord Byron Learned from Lady Caroline Lamb" European Romantic Review Vol. 16 Iss. 3 (2005) p. 273 - 281 ISSN: 1050-9585
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