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About Paul Clements

Dr. Paul Clements gave a dissertation for his Ph.D. entitled "Development as if Impact Mattered: A Comparative Organizational Analysis of USAID, the World Bank and CARE" based on case studies of projects in Africa. He has published three articles in World Development on the organization of foreign aid. His article on "Reducing World Poverty by Improving Evaluation of Development Aid" appeared in the American Journal of Evaluation and his article on “Evaluating the Cost Effectiveness of Heifer International Country Programs” appeared in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation. He consults regularly for domestic and international organizations on the design of monitoring and evaluation systems.
Dr. Clements’ book, Rawlsian Political Analysis: Rethinking the Microfoundations of Social Science, developing Rawlsian or Kantian microfoundations for political analysis as an alternative to rational choice theory, was published by the University of Notre Dame Press in 2012. His article co-authored by Dr. Emily Hauptmann, "The Reasonable and the Rational Capacities in Political Analysis," appeared in Politics & Society in 2002, and Dr. Clements' paper, "A Rawlsian analysis on the Plight of Bihar," appeared in Studies in Comparative International Development in 2005.


Present Professor of Political Science, Western Michigan University

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