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Nature, Raw Materials and Political Economy
  • Paul Ciccantell
  • David A Smith
  • Gay Seidman

At the beginning of the 21st century, nations, economies and people around the world confront tremendous environmental challenges. Conflicts in oil-producing areas threaten production and increase prices at the same time that many argue that global oil supplies have begun a long term decline. Access to water drives growing numbers of social and military conflicts. International efforts to address global warming falter as major polluting nations withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol. Deforestation in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, Africa and the Amazon threaten to change global weather patterns and increase poverty in many of the world=s poorest nations. Even the world=s fastest growing economy, China, faces mounting resource shortages and pollution problems that may choke off national and, as a result, global economic growth as well. How can we make sense of the increasing complexity of the interdependence between society and nature and the growing severity of the resulting environmental, economic and social problems? The papers in this volume present theoretical and empirical approaches to these problems that can help inform social science analysis of and public policy towards the relationship between society and nature.

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JAI/Elsevier Press
Research in Rural Socioogy and Development
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Paul Ciccantell, David A Smith and Gay Seidman. Nature, Raw Materials and Political Economy. OxfordVol. 9 (2005)
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