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About Paul R. Challen

Dr. Challen joined the JCU Chemistry Department in 1990. He taught high school chemistry in Europe for several years before coming to the United States to study for the Ph.D. At JCU he regularly teaches Inorganic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Non-majors Chemistry. Dr. Challen's research is in the area of synthesis of new compounds with potential applications in catalysis or as materials with novel electronic or magnetic properties. He has published papers in journals such as Inorganic Chemistry and Polyhedron, and his research at JCU has been funded by Research Corporation and the Petroleum Research Fund. He has formed productive collaborations with researchers from other institutions, such as University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University. From 1990-2001 and Fall 2005 Dr. Challen served as the University Chemical Hygiene Officer.


Present Professor, Department of Chemistry, John Carroll University


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Honors and Awards

  • Chair, Department of Chemistry, 2001-2005

Contact Information
216 397-4793
Office: Dolan West 346
Lab: Dolan West 336

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