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Method of Stemming a Blast Hole
Mining and Nuclear Engineering Faculty Research & Creative Works
  • Paul Nicholas Worsey, Missouri University of Science and Technology
A method of stemming a blast hole loaded with an explosive charge. The blast hole has side walls, an outwardly opening mouth and a central axis extending longitudinally of the blast hole. The method comprises inserting a conduit having a discharge end inwardly through the mouth of the blast hole and positioning the discharge end of the conduit within the blast hole generally adjacent the explosive charge. Particulate stemming material is forced under pressure through the conduit for exit from its discharge end into the blast hole toward the explosive charge thereby to pack stemming material in the blast hole adjacent the explosive charge. As stemming material is forced out the discharge end of the conduit, the discharge end of the conduit is moved generally axially outwardly relative to the blast hole toward the mouth of the blast hole to simultaneously fill and pack the blast hole with stemming material.
Mining and Nuclear Engineering
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Paul Nicholas Worsey. "Method of Stemming a Blast Hole" (1993)
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