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Out of Eden
Faculty Book Gallery
  • Paul A. Soukup, Santa Clara University

By Paul A. Soukup, S.J. In seven inviting chapters, Jesuit Paul Soukup helps us reflect on how God restores our blocked communication and how we can lead lives of deeper connection and meaning. Features Scripture passages in which Jesus provides insight for communicating effectively, as well as questions and points for further reflection and conversation with others. Each section ends with a prayer for deepening our experience of communication. “In his beautiful new book, Paul Soukup helps us to move past fear, anger, and doubt, and into open and honest communication with God and one another. This small gem of a book uses favorite passages from Scripture to show how open hearts and open ears bring us closer to the divine, which is always in our midst.”— James Martin, S.J., author of My Life with the Saints.

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Pauline Publications
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Paul A. Soukup. Out of Eden. (2006)
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