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Comparisons Between The Cap And Trade System and Carbon Taxation: Is The USA Ready For A Carbon Tax
Environmental Taxation and Climate Change: Achieving Environmental Sustainability through Fiscal Policy
  • Paul J. Lee, Cleveland State University
  • Rahmat O. Tavallali, Walsh University
  • Hai Sook Kwon
  • John T. Geekie, Cleveland State University
Document Type
Contribution to Books
Publication Date
  • carbon tax; cap and trade; Accounting/Taxation
Citation Information
Lee, P.J., Tavallali, R.O., Kwon, H.S., & Geekie, J.T. (2011). Comparisons between the cap and trade system and carbon taxation: Is the USA ready for a carbon tax? In Kreiser, L., Sirisom, J., Ashiabor, H., & Milne, J.E. (Eds.) Environmental taxation and climate change: Achieving environmental sustainability through fiscal policy (35-44). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. doi: 10.4337/9780857937872.00014