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Differeniation of Self and Psychosocial Development
Contemporary Family Therapy (2005)
  • Steve M. Jenkins, Wagner College
  • Walter C. Buboltz Jr., Louisiana Tech University
  • Jonathan P. Schwartz, Portland State University
  • Patrick Johnson, Portland State University
This study investigated the relationship between Bowen’s (1978) concept of differentiation of self and Erikson’s (1950/1963) psychosocial stages of development. Three hundred and fourteen university undergraduates completed the Measure of Psychosocial Development (MPD; Hawley, 1988) and the Differentiation of Self Inventory (DSI; Skowron & Friedlander, 1998). Multiple regression analyses indicated that differentiation level is significantly predictive of psychosocial development. Clinical implications of the findings are discussed.
  • Counseling -- Research -- Case studies,
  • Psychosocial issues
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Steve M. Jenkins, Walter C. Buboltz Jr., Jonathan P. Schwartz and Patrick Johnson. "Differeniation of Self and Psychosocial Development" Contemporary Family Therapy Vol. 27 Iss. 2 (2005) p. 251 - 261 ISSN: 1573-3335
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