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Beyond the ferris wheel: Educating Queensland show children
  • P. A. Danaher, University of Southern Queensland

This book explores the educational experiences of the children who, with their families, follow the coastal and western Queensland circuits of the Showmen's Guild of Australasia. In 1989, members of the Guild and other interested show people were successful in lobbying the Queensland government to establish an educational programme tailored to the learning needs of their children. The task of developing and implementing the programme - initially offered only to the show children on the coastal circuit - was allocated to the Brisbane School of Distance Education, which has general responsibility for educating the children of Queensland travelling families. In 1992 our group, comprising seven researchers, commenced a study of the operation of the programme and, more broadly, educational itinerancy in theory and practice.

  • Australia,
  • fairground children,
  • Queensland,
  • show children
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P. A. Danaher. "Beyond the ferris wheel: Educating Queensland show children" (1998)
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