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All Your Jammers Belong to Us - Localization of Wireless Sensors Under Jamming Attack
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) (2012)
  • Yu Seung Kim, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Frank Mokaya, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Eric Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Patrick Tague, Carnegie Mellon University
Accurately determining locations of nodes in mobile wireless network is crucial for a myriad of applications. Unfortunately, most localization techniques are vulnerable to jamming attacks where the adversary attempts to disrupt communication between legitimate nodes in the network. In this paper, we propose an approach to localize a wireless node by using jamming attack as the advantage of the network. Our localization technique is divided into two steps. First, we discover the location of the jammer using power adaptation techniques. Then, we use these properties to extrapolate the locations of jammed nodes. We design a localization protocol using this technique, and demonstrate the feasibility of our mechanism by conducting indoor experiments based on IEEE 802.15.4 wireless nodes. Our result shows that for some situations our mechanism can be used to locate mobile nodes under jamming attack.
Publication Date
June, 2012
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Citation Information
Yu Seung Kim, Frank Mokaya, Eric Chen and Patrick Tague. "All Your Jammers Belong to Us - Localization of Wireless Sensors Under Jamming Attack" IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) (2012)
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