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Burns and the Edinburgh Gazetteer: A New Resource
Burns Chronicle for 2019 (2018)
  • Patrick Scott, University of South Carolina - Columbia
A description of the recent digital edition of the Edinburgh Gazetteer (1792-1794), edited by Rhona Brown of the University of Glasgow, and a brief account of Burns's contact with its editor, William Johnston, the contributions to it by Burns and his neighbour Robert Riddell, government hostility to its publication, and the value of the digital version for Burnsians exploring the Scottish political climate of the 1790s.
  • Robert Burns,
  • Edinburgh Gazetteer,
  • Louise Fontenelle,
  • Dumfries theatre
Publication Date
November 30, 2018
Citation Information
Patrick Scott. "Burns and the Edinburgh Gazetteer: A New Resource" Burns Chronicle for 2019 Vol. 128 (2018) p. 108 - 111
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